What forms do you do?


Do I have to sign an agreement?

No, we are individual schools working as a co-operative.

Is there a national office?

No, we do not have a national office. 

Are there any dues?

No, we are a co-operative.  There are no dues of any kind.

Who's in charge?

The elected chairperson runs our meetings at the National level and provides all members with an itinerary.  We do not have a president, partners, or any officers.

Who prints my certificates?

You do!  Use your own design or the shared TU design. It's your choice.  There are no test fees in TU.

Are there any salaries?

No, we do not have any employees.  Everything is done by volunteers.

Do I have to wear the TU patch?

You and your students are required as members ( full only) to wear the front patch on the uniform to TU events only. TU does have a back patch as well, but the choice is yours as to whether you use the TU back patch or your own school’s logo.

Where do I get my TU patches?

Directly from the vendor, at cost, there is no middle man.

What are the uniform requirements?

At our National events everyone wears a traditional white uniform with proper patches.  In your school and your school’s related regional events the choice is yours!

I teach BJJ/Weeping Jujutsu/ Weapons in my school.  Is that a problem?

No, most TU schools offer a variety of martial arts in their programs.

I'm a member of another martial arts organization as well, is that a problem?

No, many TU schools are in different groups while being members of TU.

What are the safety gear requirements?

Red or black foam dipped gear are required at TU events. In your school it's your choice.

Do I have to co-brand my gear with TU?  I have my own logo.

Only full member schools are required to co-brand. 

Can I participate in TU events?

Yes, given that you follow the membership standards in the policy manual and those required at each teir.

Will I get to co-op?

Yes, if you are a full member of TU you will fully co-op!

Can my students really do half forms or rotating forms at tournaments?

Yes, half forms as well as rotating forms are permitted at TU tournaments.

Is there National testing for high ranks and Instructor certification?

Yes, it is held twice a year, every March and September at the TU National tournaments.