Mission Statement:

We are an equal Cooperative of Independent Martial Arts schools that provides services to our member schools and their students.

•We certify rank advancement.

•We hold continuing education seminars, tournaments, high rank testings and certifications.

•We support individualism and creativity.

•We promote the growth of TaeKWONDO AND OTHER MARTIAL ARTS.

    Taekwondo United (TU) is a national martial arts co-op organization with schools located all across the United States.  All TU schools adhere to similar guidelines and procedures ensuring the highest standards by which each school teaches, promote students in rank, and project our image and reputation within the community.  All TU schools have a developed comprehensive training and fitness program for their students to follow.  This enables both children and adults to progress at their own pace and ensures that each school is able to meet the needs of all their students.  Over the years, TU has established a reputation built upon this standard of excellence, accordingly, we do not allow negative attitudes, aggressive behavior, or any misuse of Taekwondo in any manner.  TU schools compete exclusively in tournaments sponsored by the national co-op organization.  TU sponsors several regional and national tournaments, seminars and camps throughout the year and invites all enrolled students to participate in any of these events.

    Taekwondo United was formed in 2010 by former members of Taekwondo America, UTA, and ITA.  Since its formation, the organization has doubled in size and has attracted some of the finest Taekwondo/Martial Arts instructors in the United States.

    Taekwondo United practices the traditional style of ITF Taekwondo,

"Chang-Hun" which means "Blue Cottage".

“Taekwondo United lived up to its mission statement and has met all of my expectations.”

David Vincent

David Vincent Martial Arts

Baton Rouge, LA

I was an independent school for nearly 20 years and met this awesome group of schools a couple of years ago. i love being apart of the group!  Many benefits in belonging to this group and there are ZERO costs to the schools to be a member. Events are co-oped so schools keep the profits from the event.  The organization makes no money.  It is run by a volunteer board. Seemed impossible, but they did it!!!

Pete Sorce

Sorce Martial Arts

Milwaukee, WI

“After 30 years In Martial Arts training and 18 years in business, its refreshing to have a group of like minded people to share tournaments, business ideas and training opportunities with all for the love of what we do! Taekwondo United has been a great way to connect and grow without the expenses and fees involved with a big organization! “

Shane Lewis

Lewis Martial Arts 

Newburgh, Indiana

“After 36 years and having been a part of four other organizations, one of which I was instrumental in founding and president of, I have to say that TU finally got it right!  TU offers me everything the others did, less the stress and hassle of being in a group.  TU is family!”

Dennis Conway

Ridgeland Taekwondo

Ridgeland, MS

"Honored to be a part of a group of like minded Martial Artist and school owners, who support individualism and creativity. Everyone gets a equal vote. Made friendships that will last a lifetime! TU = FAMILY"

Josh Harrison

Martial Arts Plus

Hopewell, NJ

"I am extremely happy to be part of a group that supports individualism.  We all have that mission to grow and to help each other and not to bring anyone down, and this is what you call TAEKWONDO UNITED."

Arnold Trevino

Trevino Taekwondo Academy

Pflugerville, Texas

TaeKwonDo United has taken the “Old American Farming” co-op structure of doing business and applied it to it’s member schools, allowing everyone, regardless of locale and without bias to the school owner/ instructor, to remain independent and self– sufficient.  The result; an unrivaled organizational model that does not burden it’s members with any fees, nor demands to meet / sustain a certain student membership count, yet keeps the professional and technical standards at the top of the industry.  All schools benefit as regular interchanges of ideas and experiences are offered several times throughout the year at tournaments, seminars and continuing ed classes.  Another thing unheard of in our industry; member schools can even belong to / interact with other arts, associations or organizations if they so wish!   Whether you’re a full– time, multi– location school owner or a small town two-day –a-week operation, or a spare time instructor, you are treated with professional respect and are offered to have a say in the organizational structure and policies.  Summed up: “AMAZING!”

Mike Morris

Gulf Coast TaeKwonDo Centers

Fairhope & Gulf Shores, Alabama

" I spent years in other organizations, and paid thousands of dollars to them for the "privilege" of being in their organization. TaeKwonDo United considers it a privilege to have me in this organization.  TU school owners work together to define National High Rank Belt requirements, National High Rank Instructor qualifications, and National Tournament competition standards, with no one profiting off the others, or mandating what they do in their own schools.  TaeKwonDo United is perfect for the INDEPENDENT school owner who is looking for a National Organization to call home!"

Matt & Michele Bares

Matt Bares Taekwondo United

Tyler, Texas

“It is a pleasure to be a part of this equal cooperative group Tarkwondo United, that gives you all of the amenities of any national organization but doesn't handcuff you or handicap your growth potential nor hinder the success of your school by dictating what you should do in it.  i.e. not allow you to do what works for you and what makes you happy.

Taekwondo United is also an awesome outlet for our students to be able to make life long friends and be challenged by others in different states across the country. 

I also personally enjoy the friendships, camaraderie and mutual respect and being surrendered by so many unique talented good hearted human beings.”

Carlos L. Des Jardin

West Long Branch Martial Arts

West Long Branch, NJ

"I started my TaeKwonDo journey with a fairly large, well known organization. After years of politics some of my closest instructors broke away and I made the decision to stick with them.  Since then I have been searching for another organization which I could call home and I didn't believe there was one out there, until I came along TaeKwonDo United.  They took me in with open arms, like I was part of their family and made me feel like I never left home.  Looking back on my 20 years of martial arts I would say I have had some great mentors and looking forward to the years to come, TU has blessed me with the opportunity to have an ample amount of people I can call a mentor, a friend, a role model and a family.  Thank You"

Tammy Bauer

Slidell Kicks

Slidell, LA.

“When we opened West Coast Taekwondo School over 25 years ago, we were nervous but excited. We had a vision and a heartfelt desire to make a positive difference for children, teens, and adults using out love of the physical sport of taekwondo combined with the tenets that we believe in and live by to this day. There is so much more to TKD than kicking and punching – discipline, character qualities, balance, coordination, goals, rewards earned ,empathy, compassion, accountability, responsibility, ect. ect… These are the self-esteem builders that last for a lifetime. They are the roadmaps to success in family, work, marriage, friends, community, and church. These are the qualities (as tough as the work is or the lessons learned) that strengthen their lives and enable them to touch others in a positive way. THIS IS WHY WE TEACH TKD!

TKD United school owners are with the same mind-set. Our national events are like family reunions. We are all Equal in Partners (no Politics no Favorites).

That is why we are Proud Members of TKD United.”

Gary & Lynn Williams

West Coast Taekwondo

Tustin, CA.

“I was a member of (Another Organization) Since it's conception.... I thought it was the perfect organization!! It's where I grew up and learned TKD....But after 18 years and numerous run ins with politics, I realized that my views on how I ran my own school and my say in the organization seem to diminish....Then I found Taekwondo United!!! I run my school my way...Not how someone tells me I should!!!! I have an equal vote and have the same say as some of the bigger schools in the organization because size doesn't matter!! If I had 30 students or 300 I get treated the same!! I do my own thing and get the backing of an AMAZING group of schools, martial artists, and High Ranking Taekwondo Masters! Taekwondo United is the place I plan to spend the rest of my TKD career!!”

Jeremy Johnson

Johnson's Taekwondo United

St Cloud, FL

“I have taught taekwondo for over 20 years and was raised in another organization.  There came a time where the political atmosphere of that organization was not matching with what I wanted to do within my school.  I left and became fiercely independent, I no longer wanted to have an organization where I was micromanaged and where I was paying for services that I could handle in house at a fraction of the cost.  Taekwondo United became my home, I had found an organization that allows me to be independent at the school level and at the same time, being a member of something much larger.  I get the purchasing power of a large organization without all of the politics.  My students have a blast at tournaments and camps that would be out of reach or not profitable on the open circuit.”


Bobby Lindamood

Lindamood's Martial Arts Center

Roanoke, VA.

“With years of experience in teaching martial arts and having been a part of multiple, national organizations, when I was approached about forming Taekwondo United, I have to say that I was a bit hesitant.  Once talks began about how we could do things differently but still remain a likeminded, cohesive group, I was hooked.  Today, I am extremely proud of what we represent to the martial arts community as not only a model for success, but also an exciting, innovative group of Martial Artists that genuinely enjoy their craft.”

Steve Brister

Brister’s Martial Arts Academy

Huntsville, AL

“It is a true honor and pleasure to be a part of Taekwondo United simply because of the integrity of the members within that hold this entire group together. We are Taekwondo United because we want to be and we are proud to be. 

I can honestly hold my head high after each and every national event because I know that we are built on integrity, not politics. This is what martial arts is all about!  This is why I joined martial arts many years ago and this why I still teach today. I love the fact that there are still people who actually do still care about and live the tenants of TaeKwonDo and don't just recite them. 

I believe that Taekwondo United has schools and instructors that are second to none when it comes to curriculum, events, tournaments, and well you can just about name it and we've got it covered!  Hey, if I didn't think we were the best I'd be looking elsewhere, but I'm not looking...”

Aubrey Turner

Turner's TaeKwonDo 

Clinton, MS

“When making the decision to open a martial arts school a couple of years ago, we began to consider an organization to partner with. We have been involved with several organizations throughout our training and were familiar with the fees and politics that come with belonging to a national organization. Taekwondo United was the logical choice for us as we have the freedom to control what we do in our school and the ability to be creative in innovative ways. At the same time, with TU we have the support of a national co-op where we can learn and gain the knowledge from Master Instructors and school owners that have been in the school ownership business for many years. We are treated the same as any other member, our ideas are welcomed, opinions are considered, and we get an equal vote on matters. What a great group of martial artists to be associated with to start our career as school owners. No fees, equal votes, freedom in your own school ... the co-op works!”

Chad and Paula Smith

Heflin Taekwondo

Heflin, AL

“Having the freedom to do as I please within my own program compounded by being within a co-op that maintains the highest quality standards of previous organizations I was member of, makes TU the best thing that has happened to my school.  A no fee structure, bargaining power, and a support system without political or monetary gain is hard to find in this industry.  The mission statement for TU says it all…”

George Strickland

Strickland’s Taekwondo

Flower Mound, TX

“Tae Kwon Do’s unprecedented success over the past 30 years is largely due to the Art’s ability to foster individual expression and creativity inside the regimented traditional discipline.  Although rank advancement and competition standards are incredibly high and unchanging, the individual artists will often take sharply different roads in training. What works for a 200lb, 6’ man may not work for a child.  What works for a teenage girl may not work for a middle-age woman.  Each artist must achieve success based on individual circumstance.  Sadly, throughout modern Martial Arts, success of the instructor has been based on profits; more specifically, the bottom line of those at the top.  National and International policies were adopted to promote profitability for those in charge, not individual success.   As in the case of our students, what works for one instructor in one market may not work for another. While some instructors base success on profits alone, others include student achievement, family time, and community in the equation.  Tae Kwon Do United has allowed me to be a part of a National body with fierce talent and expectations while still allowing me to gage my success on my students, and my prices on the financial abilities of my clients.  Simply said, “Tae Kwon Do United finally got it RIGHT!”

Noel McMichael

Kinetic Kick

Tupelo, MS

“We have been fortunate enough to be a part of several large successful organizations.  We learned a lot about technique, philosophy and the unfortunate POLITICS that came along with those large groups.  I am all about rank structure, discipline and chain of command, but in most of those OTHER “organizations” we found ourselves having to deal with either the “Unreachable Hierarchy” or,  worse yet, the “Good Ole Boy” mentality of the Senior Ranks.  Nothing we did or said was acknowledged or noticed unless one of the “Boys” liked us or agreed with us.  Also, we became the unwitting participants when one of the “Boys” suddenly decided that he didn’t like us, agree with us or what we did, …so, we were OUT.  The other members of that group were fine losing our school, even when we were paying them considerable fees to be treated so adversely.   

Then, we were invited to be a part of Taekwondo United.  Now, we continue to learn more about Taekwondo alongside some great students, Instructors and School Owners!  We have an equal vote in the organization’s direction and future.   We have the guidance of some the most incredibly TALENTED martial artists and HUMBLE AND APPROACHABLE Master Instructors!  THEY not only listen to what we have to say or have to offer, but made the effort to include us in the growth of the organization, instruction of its members at its various Regional and National camps and events! 

Why were we paying fees to other people who treated us so unfavorably?  Silly, right?! …Now, we proudly belong to an incredible Co-op of like-minded people who RESPECT and HELP each other!  Oh, and now we can take that money we used to give away and put that money back into our own school!  …AND we get BETTER benefits and all the influence of a large organization…without the POLITICS!  Taekwondo United WORKS!”     


Robert & Dawn Word

AIM Taekwondo Center

Greensboro, NC

Tae Kwon Do United is the new beacon that guides the martial art industry.  Our academies are the moral compass for others to emulate.  I, along with other top-notch, nationally certified instructors started Tae Kwon Do United in 2010 as there was a need for solid martial art structure where leadership actually practiced the tenet of “integrity.”  Our leadership and member academies stand behind the solid principles of our tenants.  We are unique in that we don’t profit from or solicit earnings from others instructor’s academies.  We only profit from our own contributions to the organization’s goals and events, i.e., whatever business we bring or create is the business from which we profit.  And parents especially love the fact that Tae Kwon Do United exemplifies a family atmosphere in a business setting. They really like the fact that we have raised the bar for martial art standards because our instructor’s professionalism and state-of-the-art teaching style make our curriculum easy for students to learn incredible skills.  Just stop by any of our academies and you’ll realize that seeing is believing and know that we are “simply the best.”


Cal Colbert

Colbert's Taekwondo Academy

Pensacola, FL.

“Taekwondo United is an organization which has allowed my school to flourish and has exceeded all of my expectations. I have been a member of other national organizations which simply dictate policy without listening to each individual school owners' concerns. Each and every member of TU is allowed to speak and has an equal vote in the policies of the organization. If you think this is too good to be true I encourage anyone to find out for themselves. Taekwondo United is simply a GREAT organization!!!”

Steve Brister

Bristers Martial Arts

Hampton Cove, AL


“I had the pleasure of attending the Taekwondo United national tournament in Orlando September 2015.  It was my first with TU.  I have never been to a tournament so well run, everything was like clock work.  And that was only a small part of a tournament atmosphere.  The competitors, parents, judges and school owners were beyond positive.  My students are still talking about it to this day and can't wait till the next one.  Congratulations to all who attended, and we will see you again soon!”

Scott Hossler

Sidekick Martial Arts

Port St. Lucie, FL.